1. Discovery Meeting

  • -Free initial meeting with the client.
  • -Understand the requirements and expectations in order to accurately illustrate the project.

2. Concept Design

  • -A concept scheme is created for discussion and draft layouts will be presented.
  • -Demonstrate color schemes, wall and window treatments along with options for fabrics and finishes.
  • -Create a draft Cost Plan which includes provisional sums for any works along with an outline program.

3. Detail Design

  • -Every element of the scheme is designed and specified for the client to sign-off.
  • -Samples are presented for discussion and client approval. We can arrange for the client to see / feel all specified items as relevant.


4. Costing

  • -A detailed quotation reflecting the design is produced highlighting the individual cost and measurements of every item.
  • -It will be submitted to the client for approval and signing.

5. Project Management

  • -Progress of the project is managed and monitored on site on a regular basis.
  • -Any issues arising in the course of the project are resolved in a timely and pragmatic manner in order to maintain quality and program.

6. Dressing & Handover

  • -Arrange for a full site clean before installing wall paper, curtains and carpets.
  • -Quality Assurance Officer then undertakes an inspection of the property ensuring the project is ready for handover.